Coordinating ESG dialogue for investors

2017 / 5 / 5 | Author: EcoNetworks

Background: Seeking to discuss ESG initiatives driven by Japanese companies

Trillium Asset Management is a US-based investment management firm established in 1982 and focuses on ESG investment, an approach that values environment, society and governance. The company’s Portfolio 21 Global Equity Fund Team visited Japan to have interviews with Japanese companies, and EcoNetworks coordinated the meetings.

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Our approach: Coordinating an ESG dialogue tour, leveraging our network and language expertise

We offered full support during their one-week stay in Japan, including assisting in listing target companies, coordinating meetings and attending to and interpreting for them.

We also suggested insights on how to facilitate dialogue, considering the situations and culture of Japanese society and the target companies. By bringing perspectives of both the US and Japan, we supported them to have more meaningful dialogue.

Outcomes: Visiting ten companies in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto over five days

We visited ten companies in three cities over five days to discuss with ESG personnel of the companies.

Most companies told us that they had had few chances to have direct dialogue with non-Japanese investors before. The meetings provided meaningful time for both our client and the interviewees.

We will continue our commitment to create dialogue opportunities like this.