Support to a community project in a developing country

2018 / 5 / 6 | Author: EcoNetworks

Background: Assisting a project launch in a developing country

The client wanted to launch a new community project on renewable energy in a developing country.

Which NGOs would be good partners?
Are existing frameworks appropriate?
What are the local conditions?

To prepare for the project we needed to get to the local area and gather information on the ground.

Our approach: Using our global network to get local

The target country was Myanmar.

With the help of a local partner in Yangon, we made several local trips to gather information and conduct interviews.

Outcomes: Visits to nine organizations produced valuable information

We ultimately visited nine organizations, including local NGOs, social enterprises, and universities.

Our final report to the client provided a compilation of local information and recommendations on partnerships, plus suggestions for future project deployment.