Designing a SDGs lunch seminar for corporate in-house CSR training

2017 / 6 / 14 | Author: EcoNetworks

Background: Bringing life to CSR seminars

One client holds annual seminars to raise employee awareness about corporate social responsibility (CSR) topics.

It came to EcoNetworks for help, and raised two issues:
– The seminar was voluntary but participation was dropping. What could be done to boost participation?
– The client wanted to talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. What be done to make the SDGs meaningful personally and help employees understand the concepts?

Our approach: Making social issues your own

We decided to offer a seminar during the regular lunch hour. Using lunchboxes provided to participants, we introduced tasks that would make them think personally about social issues.

Before talking about the SDGs, we got them interested by making them a little more aware that people are suffering with issues in society.

To help them understand the SDGs, we used display cards. People would read the SDG goals, and then think about how they are connected with their company.

With 17 SDG goals and 169 targets, it is a challenge for a group to read them all with conviction. And if we tried to explain everything in detail, participants would probably forget a lot of it.

So we created an environment that made it fun to read out the goals, and we designed the materials to be easy to read.

Outcomes: Creating opportunities for every participant go home more aware

The power of lunchbox as a teaching tool is big. In the follow-up survey, all the participants indicated high satisfaction levels, and said they had learned something new.

We believe that in return for using their valuable lunch time, participants were able to gain a lot of value from the seminar. And we hope that they will be able to make connections between what they learned and their future actions at work.