Infographics for WWF Japan’s “2050 Zero Scenarios”

2022 / 1 / 25 | Author: EcoNetworks


Energy scenario update published

WWF Japan regularly publishes updated versions of its energy scenarios they recommend to achieve 100% renewable energy in Japan by 2050.

Through the creation of infographics for scenarios published in February 2017, we at EcoNetworks helped broadcast this content to a wider audience.



Portraying Japan’s energy mix in 2030 and a 100% renewable energy society in 2050

Following the 2020⁠–⁠2021 energy scenario update, we created new infographics under the direction of WWF Japan.

These two infographics illustrate the 2030 Energy Mix — WWF’s proposed energy composition in 2030 that is essential to reaching the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement — and demonstrate that it is possible to get all the energy we need from renewable sources in 2050, as described in the energy scenario.



Infographics used across an array of communication tools

At the time of creation, we thought about how to present numerical data and graphs to help readers understand the information without confusion. The completed infographics were not only posted online, but used in materials, seminars and a variety of other opportunities for stakeholder communication.

More information on WWF Japan’s scenarios is available below.

2050 Zero Scenarios for Decarbonizing Japan (in Japanese)

We will continue to do our part to help make Japan a decarbonized society.