Translation into Japanese: Guide to Greener Electronics

2017 / 12 / 25 | Author: EcoNetworks

Guide to Greener Electronics, 19th edition (Japanese)

Background: Respect to Greenpeace’s efforts to continue their research for reduction of environmental impacts

Greenpeace announced the publication of its 19th edition of the Guide to Greener Electronics, which assesses the efforts of 17 global IT companies that manufacture and sell smartphones and other IT devices. This guide evaluates the corporate efforts from three perspectives: CO2 emission reductions from the introduction of renewable energy, resource use including recycled materials, and the elimination of hazardous substances.

The international environmental NGO Greenpeace Japan released the same guide in Japanese regularly from 2006 to 2012, and as a result saw steady progress in the elimination of hazardous substances and an increase in energy efficiency of electronic devices.

Working under the guidance of Greenpeace, EcoNetworks assisted with the translation of the 19th edition into Japanese.

Our approach: Real time discussions about accurate translations of specialized terminology

While referring to end notes and past reports, we chose the most appropriate terminology.
At EcoNetworks, when we work on a project with multiple translators, we use Google spreadsheets to share and discuss the results of each translator’s research into terminology, and decide quickly on the best translation of each term. At the same time we aim to unify the use of the terminology.

As soon as the English manuscript is ready, through team discussions that also include people working as checkers, we create Japanese translations that are accurate and readable.

Outcome: Shifting industry toward circular business models based on clean energy

Some innovative companies like Google and Apple are using renewable energy to run their data centers. It is crucial to shift from the linear business model of extracting, producing, and disposing, which has reached its limits, to the circular business model that effectively uses resources to the maximum and significantly reduces electronic device waste (e-waste). There are huge expectations for IT companies in Japan and worldwide to act as leaders as they mobilize to use advanced technologies.

Greenpeace Japan Press Release:
Greenpeace announces release of “Guide to Greener Electronics”: Launches campaign calling on Samsung to protect the climate and increase renewables from current 1% (in Japanese)