Producing communication tools for long-term environmental vision

2020 / 10 / 15 | Author: EcoNetworks

Background: Effectively convey the 2050 long-term environmental vision

In order to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, more and more companies are setting long-term environmental visions that aim for the year 2050.

This global corporate client approached us after updating their current 2030 targets and setting new 2050 targets. They requested us to create communication tools that can clearly convey the contents and aims of the new goals to their major stakeholders: employees and investors.

Our approach: Refine key messages through the creation of key visuals

For our deliverables, we agreed to produce a leaflet that clearly conveys the contents of their long-term environmental vision, as well as key visuals that the company can use for communication in various situations.

The central idea was that the key visuals will present the world that the long-term environmental vision is aiming for. We went through more than 10 design pattern proposals, while discussing patterns and colors to clarify the key messages, and then reflecting them back in the design.

Outcome: Launching corporate education with a visually understandable leaflet

Our end product was a 12-page leaflet written in Japanese and English. Instead of detailed explanations, we focused on clearly communicating the basics as well as conveying the sense of purpose and direction towards achieving their environmental vision.

Going forward, the client intends to use the leaflet to raise awareness within the company that will help lead to concrete actions.