Sustainability trends in three-minute articles

2020 / 10 / 15 | Author: EcoNetworks

Background: First, make them read

The client needs to share information regularly to boost CSR awareness within the company. With this goal in mind, we support them through writing monthly articles on sustainability for their employees, which are shared within their intranet.

The key is to make them click first, and read.
Focusing on this, we are very particular about the article titles and leads.

Our approach: Catchy headlines and leads to capture the reader’s attention, and keep them reading

The content is about sustainability and CSR. To keep employees engaged, we cover all kinds of topics that are within the company’s sphere of influence, including:

1. Trends that they should be aware of
2. Company initiatives
3. Latest news on other companies’ initiatives

At about 1,000 Japanese characters, we prioritize readability with a light conversational tone, but with some takeaway in the end. Our editing policy has revolved around these key points.

Outcome: Ranking at the top 3 most visited articles

CSR-related content usually has low click-through rates. But with the series of articles we help deliver, page views have grown to the point where some articles have ranked at the top of the list.

Going into the fourth year, the number of readers is increasing even more rather than leveling off, which shows the growing interest on sustainability within the company.

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