Employee education: Keeping people up-to-date on SDG topics

2022 / 1 / 21 | Author: EcoNetworks


Keeping employees stay on top of SDG trends

The rapidly evolving landscape around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides a massive flow of new information, which can be overwhelming for employees who are tied up with day-to-day tasks.

The client was looking to build an internal information hub that would help its employees stay tuned to trends in society and SDG practices.

Our Approach

Curated news from around the world

We at EcoNetworks have a track record of conducting research using our global and multilingual network. We offer a curated collection of case studies of SDG-related initiatives from around the world that can be effectively used by the client in its internal education efforts.


Delivering content that captures the audience’s attention

What types of information do people find interesting and relevant? How could we encourage people to click and read the articles in the course of their daily job duties?

When we curate content, we do not merely collect information online but always seek to reach the target audience.