Analysis of circular business models in mobility

2021 / 3 / 1 | Author: enw_editor


Circular economy is key to decarbonization

In Japan and around the world, transitions to decarbonized societies for the year 2050 are accelerating. For businesses, how to advance decarbonization of their products and services is an urgent matter. One of the keys to achieving this is to shift towards circular business models, which are expected to create synergies between carbon emission reduction and circular business transformation. Taking steps to implement the circular economy concept can also lead to increasing the competitiveness of a company.

The client requested us to consult on how they can start to adopt circular economy principles into their business.

Our Approach

Researching on leading examples in mobility industries outside Japan

We first collected information on products and services that integrate the ideas of circular economy among mobility industries outside Japan. We compiled more than 20 such examples from diverse regions including Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. By analyzing them based on our analysis framework, we studied the cases from the perspectives of value creation and business model construction.


Extracting insights from diverse examples to reflect them on the client’s business framework

It is useful to examine leading examples in other countries when adopting the principles of circular economy to your own business development and sales strategies.
Let’s think together about how you can build a business framework to introduce the circular economy around us.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash