Sustainable Change Starts with Me and You

Something’s not quite right with the way our societies are working. In a business-as-usual scenario, I dread to imagine what our global future looks like.

Climate change and Covid-19 have revealed distortions in the system we had trouble seeing before. Are we really on the right path? It seems doubtful.

Capitalism predicated on endless growth is pushing past its limits. This very moment, social and environmental ills are becoming ever more serious. People continue to suffer poverty. Precious species are still being driven from their habitats.

It’s easy to look away from this reality and pretend not to notice. To pass the buck and hope someone else will fix it.

But that’s not how I want to respond.

We are being called to change, and no one is exempt. That means nations, businesses, communities, collectives. And every person — me and you.

Change starts with the individual. Rather than waiting for the government or companies or other leaders to make things right, we as individuals must change how we live, work, think and view the world toward ways that are more sustainable.

This kind of personal responsibility for positive change is a value we hoped to capture in our mission at EcoNetworks:

“Be the ripples of change toward a sustainable society in which the individual can shine.”

When individuals become ripples of change, their relationships change too. What starts out as employee and employer, or service provider and client, becomes a co-creative partnership that drives sustainable transformation.

When ripples come together, each adding their unique strengths and expertise to the partnership, they create a wave of change that spreads to other areas of society. I myself practice this with the EcoNetworks team and our clients, relating to everyone as a human, not through my job title as CEO.

To create a world where all beings can thrive within planetary limits. A world where every person can live in society with unquestioned dignity. That’s the sustainable world we seek to create at EcoNetworks.

Here are three ways we’re working to create that world:

  1. Assisting clients with their sustainability transformation through the services we provide
  2. Practicing sustainability as an organization by exploring new ways of organizing and managing people
  3. Encouraging and supporting our team members and others on their own sustainability journey in work and life

At EcoNetworks, we’re trying new things every day to pioneer more sustainable ways of doing business, working and living. We do this so we can take pride in what we pass on to the next generation, so that some day — hopefully sooner than later — sustainability is simply a natural part of the way things are done.

Takeshi Nozawa
CEO, EcoNetworks
May 2021