Team Sustainability

We are a team of specialists in languages, the environment, business, culture,
and other diverse fields, operating in a network that extends throughout over
100 countries worldwide with the primary aim of realizing a sustainable society.


Our mission lays out its fundamental purpose and what we are trying to achieve through our actions.

Be the ripples of change
toward a sustainable society
in which the individual can shine.

We are a team of specialists in languages, the environment, business, culture, and other diverse fields who work to support the conception, planning and implementation of a sustainable society. Based on unconventional thinking and the unlimited power of teamwork, our approach transcends the barriers of distance, organization and common practice.


Our spirit forms the basis for decision-making at every cross-road we reach on the path to achieving our mission.

Encouraging personal development toward sustainability.

“When the way comes to an end, then change – having changed, you pass through.” (I Ching)

The nature of the individual, the concept of the organization, the structure of society – each member of EcoNetworks considers the practice of sustainability in every aspect, and acts as entrepreneurs to create opportunities to develop their lives and work styles in order to originate change.

The individual shines, and so then does the team.

We are Team Sustainability.

We have not taken the conventional form of a company with employees, but rather a group of individuals, making the most of our members’ knowledge and practical experiences and creating value as a diverse team unconstrained by distance, culture and language barriers.

We understand each other’s interests, strengths and work styles, and strive to unlock new potential through our activities as specialists – both improving ourselves and learning from one other in the process.

The individual shines, and so then does the team, creating a powerful force for change and overcoming obstacles.

Giving back to society.

We aim for the realization of a sustainable society.

That which we learn and develop through our work to promote sustainability – both as individuals and as a team – will be given back to society and to future generations through information distribution and practical implementation.


Our work style illustrates the approach of the members involved in our organization to cooperative projects.


Possess a high degree of expertise and responsibility for our work.
Reflect our passions though our actions.
Demonstrate creativity through personal enjoyment.
Simultaneously promote sustainability and realize value for the client at a profound level.
Provide happiness to people through our work.

A work style in which one flourishes

Allocate time and design our style of work to match the changes in our life arising from our lifestyles and our particular stages of life.
Root ourselves in the local community.
Balance and integrate our private, social and professional time effectively.
Equip ourselves with the ability to work intensively to deliver results.

Multiregional, multicultural, multilingual

Understand, respect and utilize differences in identity in order to become great communicators.
Listen well, talk straight.
Overcome distance in our communications.
Construct teams and services on the premise of multi-regionalism, multiculturalism and multilingualism.

A compact and flexible team

Assemble the optimum team to demonstrate the best performance in each project without seeking to scale-up our operations unnecessarily.
Seek responsive efficiency with emotional leeway.
Minimize managerial hierarchy and realize a compact and flexible team that eliminates both unnecessary costs and outdated conventions.