We are Team Sustainability

We are a team of specialists in languages, the environment,
business, culture, and other diverse fields, operating
in a network that extends throughout over 100 countries.




EcoNetworks is designed to maximize the latent and unlimited power of teamwork. We have not taken the conventional form of a company with employees, but rather, as a group of individuals who are specialists in their respective fields, who complement each others’ talents and share the same vision.

We offer unique value in ways that seek a balance between the environment and the economy, and support initiatives that aim for sustainable development.

  •  Research and Analysis
  •  Language
  •  Content
  •  Engagement

Latest Works


A team of specialists operating in a global network
provides the key solution for sustainability.

  • EcoNetworks Team
  • EcoNetworks Team
  • EcoNetworks Team
  • A collection of individuals who are specialists in their own fields
  • Connected by a flexible network spanning Japan and the world
  • Cultivate a new type of relationship between individuals and organization avoiding the constraints of the conventional “company” and “employee” structure
  • Flexible work styles that fit our stages in life, respecting our diversity as individuals
  • Teams created for each project and designed to provide the best solutions to clients


Giving back to society.

That which we learn and develop through our work to promote sustainability ― both as individuals and as a team ―
will be given back to society and to future generations through personal practices.