Global stakeholder survey

2017 / 4 / 27 | Author: EcoNetworks

Identifying key stakeholders and engaging with them through meeting, dialogue, or questionnaires allows a corporation to clarify the social issues it should address as top priorities and potential risks to its business.

EcoNetworks conducted a survey for a global manufacturer to solicit the opinions of a variety of stakeholders worldwide.

Targeted stakeholders included consumers, civil society organizations, researchers, government officials, investors, and suppliers with a high interest in social issues and knowledge about CSR. Leveraging our broad network, we took into account a balance of social status and age, as well as location in Europe, the US, and Asia, where the company operates, to find respondents. This helped bring out differences in the interest and focus that people with different backgrounds have.

In the questionnaire, we requested that respondents read the company’s latest CSR report, and asked for feedback about its current priority issues, activities, and future outlook. The results in our summary clearly show what types of issues and activities stakeholders see as important and expect the company to address. This provided valuable input for the company to consider their CSR initiatives going forward.